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Know when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’ to customers. November 10, 2009

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Jason Fried owns ’37signals’, a successful software company.   Don’t draw quick conclusions – this video is less about software than it is about business in general.  What’s interesting to me is how the tech business owners have been forced to learn so quickly what other business leaders have taken entire careers to learn. Its the nature of the business – customer requirements and the speed of change in the tech industry require the industries leaders to learn at what most of us would consider breakneck speed.  Its not that they’re smarter.   They’re forced to learn or die in short order.   

In this video, Fried talks about how software is different than ordinary products in that we cant touch or feel them….this makes them difficult to manage.  Having worked in the service industry for over 20 years, I automatically drew parallels between what he was saying about software and my experience with ‘knowledge’ workers. We can’t always see knowledge, motivation, emotions, intelligence etc. yet they are either useful or a detriment to business leaders as they attempt to get a business to succeed.

He also spends time (in this video) talking about customer requirements and the importance of listening to them and then judging which ones to act on, when.   Love it! 

Enjoy the vid.  There are a few cuss words but eh, he’s young and I figured you would get over it to hear the bigger message.



1. Chris J - November 10, 2009

Bernard, thanks for posting this. I saw Jason in new york earlier in the year and really liked his stuff. I recommend his Basecamp product to my clients who have a number of projects happening at the same time. cj

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